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Tips for the start of school!

Although most children have transitioned beautifully, separation anxiety or difficulties with routines can happen.   Here are some hints for saying goodbye and developing some good routines: Make good-byes short and positive. If children are sad, smile and say I love you and remind them that you will be back soon to pick them up. Then go!  Drive out of sight and call the office if you would like to check on your child. We are more than happy to peek in the classroom and see how they are doing.  We will be sure to call you if you child is upset for more than a few minutes. Establish a morning routine with plenty of time so you can be on time and not rushed.  Laying out clothing the night before and having lunch items packed or readily available helps to make the morning more relaxed and more enjoyable.  My children loved breakfast, so I would not allow them to sit down for breakfast until they were completely ready for school. You will ne…

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