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Morning Routine

Morning Arrival
Arriving to school on time is important. The obvious reason is that students miss valuable academic lessons, but there are other reasons too. 
When adults arrive in the morning to work, most greet each other and chat for a few minutes, or get a cup of coffee and settle into their work space. Children also do the same (except for the coffee). They need a few minutes to say hello to their friends and teachers, maybe feed or pet the rabbit, or think for a few minutes about the day ahead and what they plan to accomplish. 
When children arrive late, they miss that opportunity. 
Or sometimes worse, they disrupt those who are already working and concentrating. When children are often or usually late, it becomes habitual, and can also cause them anxiety and stress.
The classroom does not wait for tardy students to arrive for the morning meeting or a new lesson. There is a natural rhythm and pace to the work cycle and a late …

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