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The Importance of Spending Time Outside

" often is a child's soul deprived because he has not spent time in a real forest among real trees." Maria Montessori

Dr. Montessori wrote these words over 100 years ago, and yet they as true now as they were then.  All of us need to spend time in nature.  Our students need unstructured time to play including biking, hiking, running, jumping  and climbing.   They build forts in the woods and play soccer on the athletic field.  They also take silent nature walks on the nature trails, feed and care for our chickens, work in the gardens, rake leaves and shovel snow.  In March, they tap our maple trees and enjoy quiet reflection while meditating in the amphitheater.  Our art students have work on painting en plein air, and in physical education they have practiced yoga at the amphitheater.   Our picnic tables and makerspace patio are perfect places to work in nature.  Primary students are able to go in and out of their classrooms, into the fenced in outdoor spaces by th…

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